Contracted Technical Resources

Skilled contractors to address your

immediate, short-term needs.

If you are looking for technical resources to seamlessly deliver your next project, on an interim basis, then look no further. Evolve Business Advisory provides contracted technical resources to ensure your project is carried out to the required specifications, is delivered on schedule and on budget. ​​

With our global network of experienced and qualified contractors, we are the preferred providers of engineering support services for manufacturers across North America – everything from automotive to aerospace, oil & gas to heavy machinery. ​​

From the initial design phase, right through to construction, installation, commissioning and operations, we provide our clients with our team of highly qualified, multi-disciplinary engineers and specialists to assure your project is completed to your total satisfaction. 


  • Thousands of hours of field experience as contractors. ​

  • Verified degrees and certifications within their area of specialty​.

  • Vast experience working with industry-leading companies.

  • Deep understanding of what it takes to work as contractors.

These include but are not limited to: