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How to grow your business during a global pandemic by being BOLD


Is your business drowning in the sea called COVID-19? Are you feeling stifled by how everything around you is changing in the blink of an eye? Does it feel like you’re rolling the dice or playing roulette with every move you make? Well, it doesn’t have to be. You CAN grow your business amid many anomalies.

We live in a time that is not only extremely competitive, but situations are also very uncertain. COVID has surely turned things topsy-turvy (or should we say screwed the world over?). Millions of small businesses across the world have shut their doors for good and the ones that managed to remain open are still grappling with the many unforeseen repercussions of the pandemic.

Despite being the complete shitshow that it is, if you look beyond the failures, you will see plenty of success stories. There are companies that have grown multitudes over the last year. And, all of them have one thing in common: they were determined to win, willing to adapt to changes, and more importantly, BE BOLD.

So, what can be defined as bold from a business perspective? Think of how you run the business, what steps you take and the goals you set. Aim big and shoot for the moon, literally like SpaceX. Think differently and be braver in the steps you take. Stop being just another sheep in the herd and by doing that, you just may be able to write your own success story! Not everyone is naturally bold in their approach. Some are certainly born that way, while others need to cultivate it. What should I do, you ask? Here are some things you can implement for your own business:

Bold Messaging: Stop being nice (yes, you read that right!) and trying to get everybody to like you. You won’t always please everyone and that’s alright! Speak your mind, don’t censor yourself and let your creatives juices flow. You’ll be surprised at what you will achieve. Being bold does not mean doing something stupid or reckless; it just means to not limit yourself by boundaries set by others who wanted to play it safe.

Dollar Shave Club, founded by Michael Dublin, went on to become a billion-dollar business owing to one ‘risky’ YouTube ad, that used a combination of humor and unconventional messaging. “Are our blades any good?”, Dublin asks in the video and goes on to say, “No, our blades are fucking great.” The ad was funny, unique and relatable. It stood out and the audience took notice.

Bold Services: There are tens of thousands of companies that make the exact toy, apparel or even electronic products. Hundreds that offer the exact same services, such as salons, credit cards, car washes. How do YOU stand out? How do you make your audience pick you over others who are selling the exact same thing?

Don’t sell what YOU HAVE, sell what your CUSTOMERS WANT. Be ready to customise your services to the exact needs. Make your services irresistible and it will go a long way to capture a new market and in turn grow your business.

Bold Pricing: Be confident in your services and be bold in your pricing. Dominos promised their customers that if an order wasn’t delivered within 30 minutes, they’d own the order cost. Obviously, that may not be for everyone when expenses are already crippling you! Think about giving your customers different payment options. Amazon Prime membership offers a 30-day trial period before you decide you want to subscribe and pay for it. So, you actually get all the membership benefits for a month, for FREE.

As an advisory and “Horsepower agency”, Evolve guarantees business owners 180 days to meet mutually discussed upon goals or else the client walks away with zero cost.

Believe in yourself so much that you know you WILL get paid upon completion of work. Be confident and know that your work is fucking great and tap into it.

Bold Innovations: How many times have we heard the phrase “We’ll do it this way because that’s the way we have always done it”. That’s just not good enough! Be open to evolve – out with the old and in with the new! You HAVE TO change, transform and grow to keep up with the ever-changing times.

In the midst of a global pandemic, local retailers that had to shut down their physical stores, moved over to e-commerce platforms such as Shopify to setup their online shops. Dance and fitness studios started delivering lessons online and had people joining in from across the globe. Real estate agents giving virtual tours and makeup brands offering virtual try-on tools, there is no dearth of stories about the perseverance of humans that is truly commendable.

Bold Relationships: There isnothing wrongwith being timid, coy and meek but if you want to get noticed, go out and show up. Speak up. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Stop waiting for opportunities to come present itself to you. It’s NEVER going to happen. Network, make new connections, instead of waiting around for others to do it for you. With apps like Meetup and the plethora of social media channels and events that are available to us, the opportunities to meet new people are endless. Tap into every medium because you never know which connection will bring you the golden egg.

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