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This Boss’ Day, Take The Plunge Into Entrepreneurship

Let’s go back in time for a sec. It’s 1958 and Patricia Bays Haroski, a young woman in Deerfield, Illinois was thinking up a storm during a day in the office. She was working at State Farm Insurance Company as a secretary for her father.  

Soon after Patrica started the job, she realized while she knew her father was the best man she had ever met, she had the advantage of knowing him her entire life—unlike most of her father’s subordinates. Unfortunately, they only saw him as the man who made the tough decisions and did not see the amazing qualities that made him the boss: his vision, dedication to the job, leadership skills, the challenges he overcame, and his great mentorship skills.  

Patricia was determined to let her father know how awesome he was, so she decided to do something about it. She went to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and registered October 16th as National Boss’ Day in honor of her father—it was his birthday. And history was made. 

October 16: National Boss’ Day.  

Boss’ Day is dedicated to employers, managers, and supervisors everywhere—it’s a day when employees thank their bosses for their hard work and express their appreciation. So if you’re one of the few that do that, hurray to you! But hey, what about when you don’t have an employer? What if you’re your own boss?  

Already own a business? Your employees might not think you need a pat on the back, especially considering $$$$$ you’re cashing in, the private jet you own, and that island vacation you take every few months. Just kidding. We know you’re working your as* off and you’re likely nowhere close to that private jet yet. You know what? Treat yo’ self––you deserve it.  

But maybe you’re not there yet. Have you always played around with the idea of starting your own business, but you’re afraid to make the jump and risk your stable day job for a seemingly far-fetched dream? If you think you belong to a small pool of people, well, think again. According to research, three in five (62 percent) Americans want to make their dream of owning a business a reality. If that’s not a sign from the universe, we’re not sure what is.  

If you’re one of them, maybe we could convince you to take the plunge. After all, is there a better day than today to decide to be your own boss? 

Here are five perks of being your own boss: 

  1. Your time is yours.  “If you don’t build your own dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.” – Tony Gaskins. We all know there’s nothing more valuable than time. There’s a reason lawyers, accountants, marketing agencies, and other businesses charge you by the hour—time is a limited resource. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time building your own company, making your vision a reality, than spending it on someone else’s dream? Moreover, you have the flexibility to decide how much time you’ll spend and what you’ll spend it on..that’s every person’s dream. 
  1. You’ll finally hit that sweet spot.  Your passion and your profession can finally collide. Ever hear that saying, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”? There’s some truth to that.  If you’re thinking about starting your own company, you’re likely going to do it by working on something that excites you, drives you, and makes you want to do everything it takes to make it a reality. That’s the kind of fuel you need to not only be successful, but find fulfillment in work.  
  1. You’re in the driver’s seat. Finally, freedom. You make all the calls. You control the fate of your company by deciding what clients to take on, who to hire, where to spend your budget, how to execute projects, and the direction you want the company to take. Your success is completely in your hands and hey, it can only go up from here. With a business, there’s no ceiling. Success is truly endless.  
  1. All the learning and growing you can get. No more waiting around for the right opportunity or responsibility to be handed to you. As an entrepreneur, you’re essentially responsible for everything. And the best part? Experience is the best teacher out there. Owning your own business will challenge you, teach you things you didn’t know, and push you to grow. In the end, it’s all worth it.  
  1. It’s your chance to leave a legacy. There are people who want to leave the world better than they found it, and there are those who want to make their mark on the world. Whichever box you’re in, starting your own business is your chance to form your legacy: your piece of history in the world and possibly, a foundation and future for your successors to build upon.  

Still not convinced? Here’s #6: if you play your cards right and with luck on your side, entrepreneurship could potentially lead you to that private jet and frequent island vacation whenever you want! Take a chance and say f*** it!! That’s how you start. 

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