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Three Ways a Business Cultivator Can Push You to Success

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“If you are not growing, you are dying” – Tony Robbins 

Let that sink in for a bit. Now, think about how much truth that statement holds! 

We live in an era where we have an escalating number of entrepreneurs – far more than ever before. The scale is vast – spread across a big range of age groups, from young teenagers to seasoned 60+ seniors. As a result of current situations (remote working, flexible hours, layoffs and economic downturn), it’s almost like there’s a giant machine churning out the trailblazers and those looking to set up their own gig. What’s common amongst these entrepreneurs is that they are EXTREMELY ambitious – full of hope, passion and drive. They all want to succeed (who doesn’t?), but this new breed has a desperate hunger possibly not seen before! Yet, only 10% of the start-ups are successful. 

There are many factors that stunt the growth of a business and cause a plateau. If the plateau isn’t tackled and overcome in time, it will lead to a steady decline. And with the way the world is moving, “steady” should really be read as VERY SOON! 

Before we delve into the nitty-gritties, let’s look at a super interesting yet shocking stat: 

Startup owners can spend around 40% of their working hours on tasks that do NOT generate income such as hiring,payroll, etc. (Entrepreneur) 

As the business owner, your key focus should be on the growth strategies for your business and on increasing revenue. That’s the only way you CAN grow. Spending nearly half your time on non-revenue generators is a huge drawback, but someone has to do it. If it’s not you (resist the urge – it can’t be you!), you will need a team that will execute these things for you. Here’s another interesting stat. 

One of the most expensive start-up costs is payroll, averaging around $300,500 for five employees across the US according to data (Smart Asset) 

This is a typical chicken and egg situation that seems endless and frustrating. But… there IS a solution. One that has been successfully helping many entrepreneurs and small businesses – Business Cultivation. 

Business Cultivators– Think of agriculture and what cultivators do. They prepare the soil, plant the seeds, nurture and care for them till harvest. This is exactly what a business cultivator does, but with a business twist – advice, support and nurture your business till harvest. The crops sowed as a result are pure profit! 

While there are many benefits to working with a Business Cultivating firm, below are three of the biggest reasons you’ll be falling off your chair to hire one right now! 

  1. Team Support OR Team-Pay-As-You-Go/Flexi-Team: As a solopreneur, it’s extremely overwhelming trying to juggle every aspect of your business. This will not only leave you with very little time to grow your business, but also exhaust and frustrate you. And let’s face it, you should really be channelling that fire elsewhere! Working with a cultivator will eliminate this hiccup, allowing you access to a fully-equipped team of experienced professionals (marketing, PR, bookkeeping, administrative work and more) at just a fraction of the cost of having your own team.  

Even better is the flexibility they offer. Need the entire team? Sure. Don’t like Damien in design – you don’t have to use him! Work with them like you would with your team, because they are. Without worrying about hiring, firing, HR dilemmas, you can now focus on generating revenue and growing your goddamn business! 

  1. Shared Office SpacesReal estate costs, despite the pandemic, remain unshaken. For a start-up or small business, this recurring cost is unfathomable and a source of great stress. A business cultivator has this covered for you. Along with a full team, their office spaces are up for hourly/ monthly rentals, only at a MUCH lesser cost of having your own space. If you’ve had to finish off the lease of your current office space or have outgrown your basement, now’s the time to look for another option without breaking the bank.  

A lot of cultivators also offer virtual locations to be used as your office, which is especially relevant right now.  

  1. Coaching & Mentoring:Business Cultivators were once entrepreneurs themselves, with years (if not decades!) of experience. Having faced plenty of their own challenges and failures, they understand how your machine works and the difficulties of being an entrepreneur. While your support circle (i.e friends, family, acquaintances) may offer suggestions, as a critical outsider, a mentor’s brutal advice can actually be a game-changer. So, if you don’t have someone to kick you out of your comfort zone already, having a business advisor, mentor or business coach can spark the missing fire that had left your business stagnant.  

Whether you’re a solopreneur who’s looking to ramp up your business or a small company that had to let go of your team, Evolve has got your back. Our team is extremely passionate about making businesses like yours succeed, COVID or not. With flexible packages that do not pinch your pocket, working with us will give you the opportunity to expand in size, resources and revenue, at a small cost. 

Don’t wait until your business is on the brink of dying! Take your first step to success. Call or email us today for a free consultation – info@evolvebusinessadvisory.com or +1 (905) 257-9696. 

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